Our Commitment

Our Commitment as Movement Specialists

We understand that we do things a little different around here. We are influencing change and we are proud of it. Our passionate and committed fitness community have big ambitions in creating positive change in an inclusive model where movement does not discriminate.

Think Globally. Act Locally

Our commitment is to lead Australia in providing the highest level of care in building capacity in the areas of health, fitness and wellness services for clients and their families. We celebrate everyone’s unique needs and challenge our clients to improve each and every day through movement.

Our Facility

It has to be safe, friendly, clean and homely to support and nurture our clients. Our open spaces can be customised to the needs of the training sessions planned for the day. We even play your favourite music to get you smiling and energy pumping. Time for a hi five!

Exercise Literacy

We do not give up. We recognise the difficulties faced when developing new patterns and routines. Our training sessions are designed to promote emotional regulation while role modelling socially correct behaviour as part of a sensory diet plan. Our goal is for effective and long lasting change.

We are creative in the way we deliver exercise, as we integrate repetition, play, song and dance to improve a client’s movement patterns. We act as positive role models for our clients to ensure that they work towards building capacity as active participants in the community.

NDIS Provider

We service all needs whether you receive funding through the NDIS or are a private patient. We understand the challenges faced when working with the portal, learning how to become self-managed or plan managed, or what reports you need when your annual plan is under review.

We work closely with our network of plan managers and local area coordinators to ensure that you get the most out of your Service Level Agreement, SLA without all the stress.

Fitness Partnership

We are not personal trainers. We are Fitness Partners who work closely in partnership with our clients, parents, grandparents and carers to design and deliver modified movement sessions that are personal, inclusive and fun.

Our Fitness Partners are carefully selected to meet the diverse needs of each client. Overtime, we rotate our trainers so that our clients learn how to socially interact with different types of people and training styles.

We are Listening

At The Fitness Embassy® we are committed to listening to, and acting upon, the changing needs of our community, and endeavour to meet those needs.

Our holistic model couples fitness and social activities together through movement. Whether its rehabilitation from pain or injury, planning hip hop classes children and parents, correcting social behaviour on a fitness environment, exercising with colour and food groups, or having fun training with the family, we will work tirelessly to support and nurture.

Real stories, real people, real life changing results

We support coach Ian Menzies and Soccer NSW Paralympic Cerebral Palsy team in strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and fitness testing.

FE Transform: Exercise Physiologist - Sam Beard & Sports Massage Therapist – Eric Said.

Will loves Monday movement sessions with Jake while mum Michelle exercises with a simple training plan so she has some time out for herself.

FE Enable Motion: Fitness Partner – Jake Baxter

Vishnu can now perform and barbell back squat with amazing form. A proud moment for all the trainers and parents present that Thursday evening. Voice projection to conclude movement sessions with Sara is just as rewarding.

FE Enable Motion: Fitness Partner – Sara Walling

Saturdays are just a blast with hip hop classes. Three dance routines completed and many more to come, all ready in time for our concert to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our hip hoppers.

FE Enable Social: Dance Instructor - Hernan Yoia

Visiting Martin at his home who lives with Parkinson’s Disease, to learn about his inspiring vision and project, and how social entrepreneurs can come together to solve social challenges faced by young adults living with additional needs.

Wellness Ambassador – Eric Said 

Our ‘Thank You’ Policy

Supporting clients and their family who are living with learning and social needs

Family members and carers who transport clients to our facility are encouraged to try our training equipment by taking time out to do a little exercise for yourself. This FREE service is our way of saying thank you for all of your hard work.

Whether it's walking on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike, it may the small steps that count in building the confidence to venture out and use other pieces of equipment. Be sure to ask our fitness partners on the facility floor for a quick list of exercises you can do to get started.


We endeavour to work tirelessly with like-minded people within the community to improve existing services and facilities and further develop meaningful programs in response to the changing and growing needs of our clients. This enables The Fitness Embassy® and social entrepreneurs to increase our reach and deliver more and more quality and lifechanging services to the wider community.