The Elite Experience for the Developing Athlete

Transform is an Athlete Development Program, ADP accessible to young people aspiring to excel within individual and sporting team environments.

Our holistic professional service was developed in 2015, as we witnessed a growing demand for a platform where young people, families, coaching staff and allied health professionals can work together in nurturing young athletes with the confidence and development of the whole person in order to meet the changing demands of athletic performance in Australia and abroad.

Our design thinking strategy is client and sport specific, as every athlete has a unique body composition, movement and behavioural pattern, as well as training age.

We introduce clients to the biofeedback between the Learning Zone and the Performance Zone throughout the calendar year while balancing school, work and family commitments.

The Double Diamond Strategy is fundamentally key component to our program’s success. The design thinking process and planning sessions are just as important as the practical training sessions, enabling young athletes to discover and define their talents by working on their skills.

Services available:

  • Postural and functional assessment
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury management and recovery
  • Program design and periodisation
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Skills acquisition
  • Athlete mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Pre-game warm-up
  • Post-game recovery
  • Athlete resilience
  • Coach liaison
  • Club workshops and presentations
  • Athlete social media strategy
  • Portfolio design
  • Presentation and media skills
  • Nutritional and supplementation support and recovery
  • Balance between school, work and training volume

We’re Gonna Make It

Tyrone Age 18 – Basketball

Not focusing specifically on his injury, rather assessing the whole body providing rehab, exercise prescription, nutritional support and most importantly ensuring he does his homework on injury prevention for the high workload he plays,  provides great reassurance to me as his parent


Darren, Parent of Jesse Age 13 - Soccer

It does not need to be complex in order to be effective. Our anecdotal evidence from over 10 years of client contact sessions confirm that hypermobility and hereditary factors are the two most common cause of anterior cruciate ligamentous injuries without any contact or trauma from another player.

Therefore, understanding how a child’s body moves in space, along with centre of gravity and functional movement training will ensure that young athletes minimise and/or eliminate their high percentile risk of injury.

Download Fitness Embassy’s Young Athletes Risk Stratification Protocol to screen your child to determine if they are potentially at risk of lower limb musculoskeletal injuries (including hip, thigh, foot).

Fitness Embassy® Transform

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Janine Cameron

General Manager / Parent & Coach Engagement

Adam Holding

Marketing / Player Profile Design

Eric Said

Movement Specialist / Wellness Ambassador

Michael Bechara

Michael Bechara

Sports Management